Harmony ONE tests 6 hr reaching for the Daily Trend Line

Harmony ONE has touched the 6 hr Trend line and if it can surpass the 6 hour, then the Daily Trend Line , we could then and only then call this a start to a recovery. The same thing is happening to Bitcoin right now.
I expect a bounce off the 6 hr before any further moves up. I most certainly expect a bounce off the Daily Trend Line as well. We were at 50% correction, so this might be a great turning point. However, remember that previous bull markets experienced 80% corrections before flattening. I anticipate that if Bitcoin drops below key EMA's at 13 and 36 EMA , then we would likely test $18700 and alts would tumble with it.

Daily Trend Line (D TL on the chart) shaded red line identified by yellow arrow.

There was a strong buy signal on the 4 hr and it looks like it was a great signal. I've been trading in and out of 1 minute breakouts on ONEUSDTPERP on Binance with 30-50x leverage. The 5 minute trend has continued long with the 4 hr , so each time there was a long breakout on the 1 minute chart, I entered with 10-20K ONEUSDTPERP on long contracts at 30-50x. If you are interested in what you see here, or are looking to possibly make up some of your losses in this volatility , you should message me and demo this script set. The dashed lines on the chart are support and resistance lines based on time frame trends. Highly accurate. I can also show you when to adjust your leverage based on price movement, so you don't get liquidated as easily. :) What's amazing is you can use this script with a free account or PRO.

Each breakout is confirmed by a bend in the thin colored line between the candles, and a matching short/long arrow, with parabolic circles confirmation. I use RSI /SRSI on the bottom to see direction along with the Higher Time Frame chart, but realistically you can trade each breakout easily.

This is not financial advice, don't invest more than you can afford to lose, do your due diligence on all coins, and most of all, learn fundamentals of trading.
Comment: ONEUSDTPERP has bounced off the 6hr trend line and is testing the 100 Moving average.
Comment: When I referred to Bitcoin dropping below the 13 and 34 EMA, I meant on the Monthly chart. Hope that clarifies. Keep an eye on that.