ONG, ada's stronger older brother!

BINANCE:ONGUSDT   Ontology Gas / TetherUS
ONG is a silent beast.

We see that it was trading under $.10 around the same time cardano was in april 2020. Which of the 2 coins hit $4 first? I'll give you a hint, it wasn't ADA.

ONG's price structure has been developing very nicely since last year.
- RSI is in a up trend, creating higher lows
- Heading out of the Bearish zone in the Stoch RSI .
- Consolidated + Bounced off the .618 Fib beautifully
- Higher lows and Higher highs
- Strong diagonal uptrend

Only thing left, probably the most important thus far, is to have a candle close above the $1.21 price area on at least the 1 week. That will be the confirmation we need to propel us to $4 USD!