BINANCE:ONTUSDT   Ontology / TetherUS

As I have been very interested in the Polkadot ecosystem and I am also very interested in projects that are built on the Polkadot ecosystem.

Here is 1 that is interesting.. ONTOLOGY!

From the Technical perspective this has a quite steady rising curve.. Even without lots of momentum the price is making steady gains.

What I see now at the daily chart is that there is Tweezers top being formed.. This has bearish implications.
There is this psychological price that is hard to be broken. Normally prices decline after this pattern. But hé this is the edge people talk about.
Earlier we see prices decline by an average of 13-15%. I expect it this time to.

Be patient, be open and be flexible. When price falls back jump at it and buy in ..

After that $1.55/$1.60.- is price target!