Osmosis 20-40 dollar bullrun, 600% and 6000 % results on my

Hey trader.

i am simon a indipendent trader from sweden ödeshög who who gives information and entertainment threw technical, fundamental and macro analasis of stocks and crypto and today its Osmosis who is the prospect to chart out the path to prosperity.

Technicly lets start with the trendline thas continued from april 2022- oktober 2023, it shows a clear strong break with 6 weekly closes above the trendline indicating a trendshift has happened. We also see osmosis now is at several historical resistances marked with the greend circles and yellow lines, it is combined also with fibbonacci 0,5, which i think it can go abit further before reseting somewhat testing earlier levels, it should slow down after 1,7 because many will take profit regardless of manic or real estimations of higher prices.

The next rush is hard to predict when it will happen but after chrismas rally ends some coolof period will be needed like usal, after that i believe personally that it will not slow down untill 20-25 dollar value, which i plan to take profit now at 1,5 and put it into evmos and stargaze, and then again jump in for the next rally to 25 dollar, and maybe even 40-50 before june within 6 months.

Lastly is rsi that is a good supporting indicators, its now threw the roof at 80 ish, however sometimes cools of 2-3 spikes before price catches on so it could be there for a while but normally its a indicator i support to take my profits.

/Simon, the man.

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