OXTUSD Orchid Next Stop 200 Day MA .47 Cents!

Really quite simple. OXTUSD currently trending up. About to break above major accumulation area (currently resistance) that is ranging on the 4hr chart between .3637 (purple line) and .3773 (black line). Past resistance will become future support. But once we break this resistance area , I believe we'll go to the 200 day moving average pretty quickly (like within hours). The 200 day ma currently is priced at .4743. I would suggest a good range to target with this next surge would be anywhere from .46-.48 cents. Once hit, we will probably come back down again. Maybe all the way back down to the .3773 support. Looks like some good trading ahead friends. Have fun with this.

As always, I wish you all the best.
Comment: Honestly, did not think it would take this long. But we'll get there. Eventually.
Trade closed: target reached: Target was reached once. My sell limits were triggered at the target price. Went to cash. Repurchased at .43 cents. Sell limits were triggered for a second time. I am not in cash for the second time today reinvestigating a good re-entry point. It's been a good day! Closing this post. Target reached! Congrats all!

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