Pampa holding.SA... holding for dear life?

NYSE:PAM   Pampa Energia S.A. Pampa Energia S.A
Two scenarios: Fifth wave has already developed, it failed to reach its target of 12.41 and is now going to retrace the whole movement (first target 5 usd area).. or the fifth way hasnt developed yet and we are just seeing wave 4 in progress, and wave 5 will hit its target at 12,50 & 13,79 for a last bang. For now, wave 4 holds 38% perfect retracement, so now its just a waiting game If price shows a significant impulse to the upside or crosses 12usd I would buy for a 12% pop, setting my stop loss at 11,39, for a 6% downside. If Price action doesnt hold 38% retracement i would target 62% & 76% ( double top height down) as targets for a short or option trade.
In the fundamental side of things, pampa is an energy generation & distribution company, having a lot of trouble to make ends meet in the distribution side of things, since user fees are frozen by the goverment since 2001. There has been a fare/fee update in mid 2014, but it has not been enough to cover productive costs. Edenor, a pampa holding division company has entered in negative equity in 2014.
For now we keep a neutral position and wait.