TenX Pay Token (PAY) Releases Debit Card (139%+)

BITTREX:PAYBTC   TenX Pay Token / Bitcoin
PAYBTC Has grown by a massive 130%+ in the past two weeks... But why is that?

TenX is releasing their cryptocurrency debit card in Australia I am being told, this is a feature that many people have been looking after.

The charts are also looking really good.

There is an upcoming event end of month, this too can mean positive for the price of this altcoin.

TenX (PAY) - 30 December 2018 (New TenX Token)
"We are issuing a new ERC-20 rewards token called the TenX token to eligible members of the TenX community."

We have an active trade since September 2018. (Updated 20th October for private).

You can find it here:

Additional bullish action can be expected.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Comment: Great momentum for PAYBTC.

Let me show you quick trick for your trading success.

- Check the green line, that's EMA10. When price action remains above EMA10 after a breakout and continues moving up... You can hold to profit more from as long as this support holds.
Comment: TenX PAY still has more to offer.

Let's start by looking at the weekly chart and notice that we still have plenty of room left for growth compared to All Time High:

On the daily and 4h charts, we can that PAYBTC remains above EMA10, maintaining its bullish momentum.


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