PFE- Potential very low Risk:Reward swing trade incoming?

NYSE:PFE   Pfizer, Inc
Hello all. As you can see I've been all about the low risk, simple swing trades these days! I believe if PFE hits the first green zone and stays in the channel, this should be a simple trade within the channel. I believe it may hit at least it's previous high, putting this swing at 30% profit if executed properly. This would be a good one to just do a partial profit take, or let it ride to see where it ends up with a conservative trailing stop. The continued growth is obvious and well, they make Viagra, sooo.....
Trade active: Looks like PFe remains in the descending wedge for now. My prediction is that it wil make one more touch, or near touch around the green support zone. With confirmed breakout, the target will be another test of the red resistance zone, and should be evaluated again from there.