bottom is in? next 100x coin?

i think yes, its time to buy

i will update the chart soon
Comment: 10% now
Comment: 46.5% now

made 5 stop losses above entry
Comment: sold half at 0.00000088

gonna rebuy with that at 0.0000006
Comment: done
now even if it gets back to 0.00000043 we are still in profit
Comment: bought more at 0.00000062 today

i start to like this project
Comment: 0.0000007 today

0.0000008 looks a good time to sell 1/4 or 1/3 to rebuy at lesser price
Comment: 0.0000008 filled with a shadow

price rn is 0.00000073 you can fill 10 % more

i am buying.
Comment: filled my tokens at 73 and now im selling half rn at 75 (the volume is trashy lol)

im moving the half of funds to make a quick profit on ioi and dpet and come back on this very soon