Platinum ETF PLTM 8OC WEEKLY triggers buy last week

AMEX:PLTM   GraniteShares Platinum Shares ETF
Platinum prices surged higher today as did all precious metals. My weekly 8oc indicator triggered a buy signal last week when the 8MA close ended the week above the 8MA open. Signals are only valid at the end of each price bar because they can move back and forth during the price bar but that would not be indicative of a change in trend until the bar is over. Generally speaking a first target for this method would be the range of the largest bar in the last 10 prior to the signal. In this case, for example,that was approximately $1.06 three weeks ago. Adding that to the closing price on the trigger bar would be our first target. Although the 8oc is not perfect (and nothing is), it is an effective way of spotting trend changes early in their inception.
Jake RBT

jake bernstein (rbt)