POLIS mid- & long term potential: 200$ or more (end of 2022)

With all my love for TA, we need to dive into the fundamentals of this project. Without exaggerating you can tell that this is the most anticipated play-to-earn / metaverse game (but still under the radar for the most). If you heard of it for the first time, here's a short summary of the fundamentals:

- FTX:POLISUSD & FTX:ATLASUSD are the tokens in a play-to-earn & metaverse game that's in the making
- Built on Solana
- Trading started in September 2021
- It has a governance token ("POLIS") and a utility token ("ATLAS"). You can simply compare it to "axie infinity" with BINANCE:AXSUSD & FTX:SLPUSD .
- "POLIS" has a current mcap of just 200M. Looking at the potential compared to axie infinity with an market cap of 9 Billion, the upside potential is HUGE.
- If you check out their trailer which represents in-game graphics, you realize they use the latest tech available for their game development.
- HUGE hype and money inflow for the metaverse & play-to-earn sector in general.

Looking at the technicals for POLIS, you can see that on-balance-volume is significantly increasing, while they are only present on 3 exchanges (no Binance/Kraken/Coinbase yet). We'll see what the future brings, but this project is surely one of the coolest one's I've seen since a long time :)

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