Real World Assets - RWA

NEW GEM IN CRYPTO - Real World Assets?

Real World Assets are assets from the real world that have been transferred to digital tokens for use in DeFi ecosystems.

Tokenization can cover different types of assets, including physical assets like real estate and bonds and intangible assets like copyrights

📈 The RWA sector, which began its development in 2022, is gaining immense popularity, and today ranks 8th in the ranking in terms of total blocked assets with an amount of $2.384 billion (last year 130 million)


➖ Tokenized government bonds: This means that you can buy and sell government bonds on the blockchain and receive interest from them

Lending platforms: You can get a loan in cryptocurrency using real assets as collateral or lend digital assets using real securities as collateral

➖ RWAs in real estate allow tokenizing the ownership of residential and commercial properties and generating rental income

So, the RWA sector is another feature that brings crypto closer to the mass adoption
List of all RWA projects below

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