Populous (PPT) Breaks Above Resistance (350% Potential)

BINANCE:PPTBTC   Populous / Bitcoin
Look at this chart...

We have PPTBTC breaking above resistance in the form of a falling wedge and also MA200, EMA50 and multiple other EMAs.

This type of signals/action opens the doors for additional growth.

A new bullish wave is approaching for the altcoins market... This chart points to a potential 300%+ in growth, that is the 7-March long wick peak.

Remember, you need to build a plan/strategy before trading.

This is not financial advice.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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I would be scared to open a position with coin doing over 90% already in single day trade
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This will be the last climb

72,000 for the lowest point and 78,000 for the highest point

And after the unprecedented fall of Bitcoin to last year's price

It will reach $ 5,000

Everlasting friend of Alan Santana

i love you boy


In such cases, where is the best place to enter?
This currency has grown a lot in the past day
On the one hand, it indicates high momentum, which is good, on the other hand, the price may not be suitable for entry.
AlanSantana BobRivera990
@BobRivera990, All the information is shared here for LEARNING/ENTERTAINMENT purposes only. You are obviously on the wrong page/profile.

This is not financial advice.
BobRivera990 AlanSantana
My goal is also to learn, not to buy based on this chart.
Suppose we want to place an order, where do we enter?
On the close price? Or lower, for example, on a Fibonacci level?
AlanSantana BobRivera990
@BobRivera990, We look for an entry around support/when prices low... BEFORE the action starts not after.

We don't recommend these charts for buying...
Trading and reading charts is very different.

You can use these as an extra to the trading tools you already have at hand.