Populous Accumulation Phase [PPT]

It seems that populous is being accumulated here, which the volume spikes and bottom indicates it. Usually investors buy a coin at the bottom of a market cycle and accumulate the tokens before a major pump, I'm expecting an altcoin season to play out and populous to follow. A good coin with fundamentals :D
- Buy zone = 10,000 - 20,000 satoshi
- Sell zone = 50,000+ satoshi
- I'm not setting a stop because i believe this will do great in the next 1-2 years
Trade active: This is still looking good, quite a bit of volume is showing up here (Indicating that market operators may be drying up the supply).
When the price hit's the white long term support line, may be a good idea to collect some more.
Comment: Whoa... Look at his volume here. Very high effort vs result. I'm still holding this coin which I strongly believe in the long term. :P
Comment: Also switched it up by using bars instead of candles.
Comment: Binance and fake volume... does the trick to fake us