2017-11-19 - Proximus - Weakness in the downtrend?

On the weekly the stock is currently in a downtrend, the previous downtrend got interrupted end of February 2017 but seems to have resumed in June.
We see doji's and small body candles on the weekly, so it looks like there is balance.

25.45 seems to be a key support level, but I am not sure the stock will visit that price level again to test it.
I have the feeling the stock is preparing to breakout again and begin a new uptrend.

I am willing to buy around 28.30 EUR and trade a very short-time range up to 29.10 EUR, using a turbo long.
For a decision on a longer time-frame I have no Long/Short vision, hence the Neutral rating for this idea.

The fundamentals of the company are actually good.
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