#PSFE $PSFE PaySafe is a safe place to put your money

NYSE:PSFE   Paysafe Limited
This company is trading at a ridiculous price to sales. Finviz says 4.28, in an industry that has multiple companies trading at 30+. This stock is cheap, trading below a gap, and, is in a great industry, sports gambling. It has acquired new companies this year in South America, and is set to globally fleece degenerates who want to punt their money for the next few decades. If this stock merely went to the industry average of Price to sales, we would see this stock trading over 20$, and I think we will in the near future. Look at the volume profile on the right, if you buy now you are getting this stock at a better price than 95% of the people who own it, the only possible reason this would go down from here(IMO) is someone just giving up and punting their shares(capitulation) or flat our manipulation(and if someone is manipulating this stock, its bc they want to acquire it). Everything about this stock screams buy, but most people will wait until its at all time highs to even put it on their radar because the average investor resembles Corky. Not financial advice, Snowflake buyers get real financial advice.