$PSTG - PSTG30 - RED ALERT - 1/23/2021

NYSE:PSTG   Pure Storage, Inc
Friends, I come to you with a RED ALERT

- Company with disruptor tech only understood by software engineers (Kubernetes)
- Similar to $PLTR ranged for a month+ in a bull flag
- Currently on 5th try at breaking the resistance of wedge ( PLTR broke out on 5th try)
- Tech season, many other accumulated tech companies breaking out with political unrest settled

*** 85% Institutional Ownership***
*** 58 Hedge Funds currently holding ***
*** ARK, aka Cathie Wood is the 7th largest shareholder, owning 37,502,384 shares, valued at $861.80m. This amounts to 10.7% ownership of the company!!! ***
*** Chamath's Social Capital is behind this as well. In fact EVERY investment bank and fund is in this. ***

This will EXPLODE! This is a RED ALERT
Comment: Some thoughts/speculation:

-The difference between PLTR and PSTG is that PLTR has an enormous float which retail controls, hence the psychological attacks and manipulation. However, PSTG is nearly 90% controlled by institutions, so there is zero need for them to do anything as they control the price fully. When the time is ripe, Cathie Wood will be the harbinger and pump it with utmost ease.
- This is the best time for it to have a markup phase due to tech season
- You do not get hired as a software engineer if you don't know (Google created) Kubernetes and Microservices, which is what this company is creating a service for
- Why Cathie and so many tech investors are speculating on this so much is because it will be a necessary part of the space/genomics ecosystem for software development

I see $35 at the least in Feb.
Comment: March 4 ER is a good time frame
Comment: Quick update: 25 or 29 I will add to 35-40:
Comment: Behavior in the next few trading days will determine my entry for long to 35 by earnings:
Comment: - Genomics, Data storage
- Built for massive unarchived genomic data
- Flashblade for handling sequencing data, disruptor tech, integrates with NVIDIA's DGX/2 Compute Nodes for running AI/ML workloads