PTRA struggling to trade past 10.50

NASDAQ:PTRA   Proterra Inc
Proterra is a fast growing EV bus business that should keep revenue increasing for many years.The company, while young, seems to already be having a real impact , and their business model is solid.What is attracting many investors is the enormous size of the target addressable markets. For Proterra Powered the TAM is ~225 billion, and for Proterra Energy it is estimated at 37 billion. The markets are large enough to allow for a significant growth runway. With the infrastructure bill still as a looming catalyst, I expect PTRA to make a significant move higher before years end. We are currently seeing resistance around that $10.50 level, once we get the infrastructure bill passed which would allocate over 7B to EV busses we should see PTRA break that resistance level and shoot higher.