Quidel has a future!

NASDAQ:QDEL   Quidel Corporation
Worldwide opposition to vaccine mandates, booster shots every "x" months, negative test required upon arrival for travel. The unvaccinated have antibodies! One of the only stocks that benefits from calamity like this is QUIDEL . In short Quidel does everything related to covid testing including testing for antigens. At the start of the pandemic Quidel rose due to the evident need for covid testing. However, since achieving the highs in August 2020. The same time vaccines where announced and were first available to the high risk. This was also the same time it was in announced in the US that vaccines would be available shortly to the public. This stirred up a narrative that once the vaccines were here there would be no need for diagnostic equipment. Now look at us. 40% of the people don't want the vaccine, those with the vaccine still get covid, a new variant every couple months, a seemingly never ending line of boosters, etc. All these reasons are why testing equipment is even more needed. If you believe Covid will disappear soon, this is not the stock for you. Also, another risk is supply chain issues. If Quidel is not able to produce enough of their poduct expected sales will not be exceeded. Quidel's balance sheet and financial health are impeccable for a company in 2021. They only have around 100 million in debt and 550 million in cash. Additionally, "risky" debt such as convertible bonds and revolver debt they used to finance operations in the beginning stages of their company has been paid off. They are rolling In cash due to investors who believed in Quidel's mission and gave them money to sell testing equipment. That extra money was used to develop new/better tests. I also ike Quidel because they are a healthcare company a sector that does well in the latter part of the economic cycle . I would not be surprised if Quidel gets acquired either. 104 stop loss

The TA on the chart is used for me to find pivot points and areas to use as stop losses and profit taking. My bullish bias comes from fundamental analysis .


(I usually don't include financial analysis on TV) so for compliance reasons. I must say this not financial advice......
Comment: Waiting for this to get closer to my stop loss of 90 and 104. This is a volatile stock so you dont want to pick a bottom.

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