QIWI , Undervalued long with 10% dividend .

This is a good undervalued play . My entry is a little early as I would like to see some consolidation and an ideal entry closer to the $9 mark . However based on the fundamental metrics of this company I see a potential for a 50% to 100% target profit and I like the 10% dividend so I entered with my first level and willing to take another around $9 . I have market my potential level 2 entry on chart.

If the trade is successful I my game plan will be to eliminate my risk ( sell my cost) at the target price and continue to hold the remainder to collect dividends going forward.

The P/E is currently 4.21, free cash flow and debt looks healthy and institution ownership high at 87.9% (slightly up) . The one thing that is a slight negative for me is the forward eps for next year is expected to be less than the current eps ( ttm ) but still calling for $2. 05 earnings per share. Analyst target price avg is $16.62.

Good luck ~


Looking good, entered at ~$14, before investigation crash. Have strong good feeling long term for this company