Easy money here. Long $QLGN

NASDAQ:QLGN   Qualigen Therapeutics, Inc
Keeping the great winning streak ratio alive.

CEO is great here - knows about value. I quote from his shareholders letter:
"...we believe our plans will help build significant shareholder value..." This means HI GUYS, BUY MY STOCK (lol)

These guys have the FASTEST COVID antibody test kit on the market (10 minutes vs Becton Dickinson's 15 minute kit) - it is currently SELLING and shortly we will see the FDA EUA PR .

In addition to all of this, company just closed a great offering for 8M at 5.25 - so the chart and that round is essentially backing you here. Kicker warrants are priced WAY out of the money so no dilution there.

All the main weekly oscillators SCREAM buy now - so this one is easy. Ride the wave and if there are some hiccups you add on dips, this chart is also NOTORIOUS for epic multibagger runs.

Long for the swing! Strong buy NOW


hello friend...thanks for this. IM still in since its been maintaining above my avg was wondering if u were still holding or if u left by now:)

where would u set a sell order?

i dont want tomiss any upside ...im a newbie....holding 3000k shares at 3.90