QNT on the verge of a breakout: +40%

Next alt on the breakout list: Quant. It is my biggest holding at the moment because of its fundamentals; this is a coin for the future and could be life changing gains because of its work with institutions, banks and governments to connect “legacy systems” (databases), private and public blockchains. QNT will be leading technology for institutional adoption in the traditional finance space, corperates and governments.

Its hard to analyze this coin because its in full price discovery and there are many factors involved for its valuation. Institutions and market makers could try to shake you out with big dumps or price suppression (something we’ve seen lately) and its hard to know who is or will be using it because of NDA’s in this space. However, if you are a long term hodler; its a must have until we have digital dollars and euro’s (CBDC’s) post 2025. Long term orice predictions are hard but given the token’s scarcity of 12m max supply; 4 and even 5 digits are possible in the long term.

IMPORTANT: this is not financial advice, trade or invest based on your own risk and research.
(check my previous analyses for more info and reference)
Comment: aaaaand its breakout time!