LONG on Quantum Scape once wave 2 is confirmed

NYSE:QS   QuantumScape Corporation
We got a 13% move to the high of the day and we took an ABC back 4% and now volume is coming in again and I think we will see more action to come over the next two weeks as they prepare to release their delayed easrnings. Always wonder when a company delays earning why and the reason behind it. These guys are being sued by 3-5 different law firms for supposedly misrepressenting their products abiliries so if you bouight any of this stock in December of 2020 you can join one of multiple class action lawsuits being filed. I think they will try to get the price back up over the next two weeks and if the earnings are what I expect the price could come back to the $60-$70 range and that will pretty much wipe out the complainers who bought in at $77. If I they don't then their plan is to release bad earnings and drive the stock down to $30 and use the money shorting this stock to pay the lawsuits and fines. As always it's a win win for the rich and scandalous. BILL GATES IS A MAJOR BACKER OF THIS PONZI SCHEME TO DUMP THE PRICE. VW IS ALSO THE OTHER MAJOR BACKER . QUANTUM SCAPE IS JUST THE BATTERY MAKER AND VW IS SUPPLYING THE BODY AND FRAMES AND SUCH. EITHER WAY WE HAVE 2 SCENARIOS DOWN TO $30 OR UP TO $47 IN THE SHORT TIME FRAME AND MAYBE HIGHER IF WE GET A CONFIRMED 12345 IMPULSE WAVE. BUT IF WE GO INTO AN ABC THEN EXPECT MORE BLOOD!

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