NYSE:QS   QuantumScape Corporation
QS has been one of the momo stock of 2020. It is a solid state lithium-metal batteries manufacturer which are used in EV cars. It shows to be the most promising manufacturer out of all of the publicly traded ones.

VWAGY (another runner I posted before) is testing QS batteries. Stock dumped along with all of the meme stonks and also had rumors that a short seller was spreading calling it a pump and dump.

Insider Brad Buss (director) bought 10,000 shares on 5/26 which leads us to think, why not follow?

Looks like it will be range bound and has a chance of running to $50-70/share.

Consult your boomer financial adviser before believing pajama trader posts. You realize that literary anybody on this platform can post whatever the f* they want and it could be a 6 month old kid scribbling on screens.

Happy Memorial Day and thank a veteran or two this weekend! Don't be a drunk douche


I agree..best of breed on these new batteries. Can’t assign a true market cap on this. Gd luck
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@Chartguru1 if it runs 20% I am cashing put and on to the next one. I am not married to any of them but QS seems promising
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