On Balance Volume Another Example $QUMU

Todoubled23 Pro+ Updated   
NASDAQ:QUMU   Qumu Corporation
Can show accumulation over time likely institutional players scaling in before the real bottom. Once a certain look like this OBV is showing on QUMU I'd expect a rather large breakout to the upside. Always confirm on higher timeframes at least an hourly chart. Preferably want to see a change of character as well on the daily chart , just a hint is okay if you know you're risk and define it well before entering the trade. Always have a plan A, B, and C.
Trade active: Been scaling in with a couple hundred shares last few days. Cost basis 4.66 looking for a clean $5 intraday target. Maybe 5.10.
Trade active: Starting to breakout of the bullish wedge on the daily. Could see a move to $5+ very quick. Institutional ownership up 10+% as of late.