RADS sleeping & forgotten giant waking up

Hello everyone,

today i decided to make a RADS (sleeping giant) chart, what the heck is RADS?

RADS is a Blockchain Secured Identity Management Platform.
Easy and simple identity management and verification services including secure voting, file signing, and proof-of-ownership coupled with our energy efficient, Proof-of-Stake protocol.

Why do I think this token will explode soon?

RADS has been laying low for a while now and is bottomed out and at an All-time Low position.

Until yesterday I just played around with this coin to enlarge my position but there is news:

* Yesterday I got the news on their official telegram channel where they announced that their memorandum has been approved, this means RADS is not a security token and they can apply the listing on different exchanges and even ( MCO )
* All so some powerful youtube influencers are getting interested to shill RADS

You all know: buy the rumour sell the news

I can tell you this, this is the rumour! We are in first!

This is a med/long term setup but the price can go as much as 300k sat ( All-time high) and even higher, at the time of this writing RADS is all most 19k sat. This has a massive profit potentiol 1580%.

My personal targets are:

short / mid term

T1 - 37k sat
T2 - 56k sat
T3 - 74k sat

mid / long term

T4 - 92k sat
T5 - 107k sat
T6 - 122k sat
T7 - 141k sat
T8 - 168k sat
T9 - 181k sat
T10 - 198k sat

long term

T11 - 217k sat
T12 - 238k sat
T13 - 273k sat
All-time high - 300k sat

RADS is a coin nobody talks aboud, but they have a good and working project with lots of future potential.

Hope you enjoyed this idea, good luck.

My RADS address is XrsLsPS75Yrv5cwFXik2ccztoczSx3N3u8

When you feel the need to support me, it will be appreciated, if not, you can always like this idea.
Trade active: Possible breakout, wil not take a long time now.