NASDAQ:REGN   Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Is Regeneron Pharmaceuticals ready for a new all-time high, or will it test again the previous one at $620 from October 2020 and confirm it as a strong resistance?

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is a leading-edge biotech and pharmaceutical company that focuses on cytokines and tyrosine kinase receptors at the cellular level. First, Regeneron developed an experimental antibody cocktail to treat COVID-19 called REGN-COV2. This treatment was granted emergency use authorization by the FDA and was even provided to former President Trump when he contracted the virus. They have a diverse product offering outside of COVID-19 offerings and some exciting possibilities in their pipeline. Also, they recently announced a new partnership with the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to research and developed small molecule compounds targeting the GPR75 gene. This is also promising because the Regeneron Genetics Center discovered the GPR75 gene to be a key factor in developing obesity, a disease that over 650 million people suffer from around the world. It is inspiring when you consider that the comorbidities associated with obesity can manifest as a significant cost to insurance companies, making the drug more marketable. Over the past couple of years, the growth of the generics industry has been staggering, and Regeneron is fast becoming a major player. On August 5, the company announced its results for the second quarter of the year by beating the forecast results and publishing a better revenue and EPS . Fundamentally the company looks ready for a new all-time high, but dividends and share purchases are the areas where the company becomes a bit complicated. It is focused on its funds on R&D and has done exceptionally well, but it does not currently pay a dividend, and the net buyback rate is low.

It is interesting how the investors will react at these price levels because it looks like that the price revert and confirm the $620 price level as a strong resistance. But if this correction in the long uptrend is temporary, the price easily reaches the previous all-time high at $666 and try to break through it. But it is also possible to picture the graph we saw between October and December last year in a downward direction to the price levels of $540 or far on South to $467.
Looking at oscillator indicators, we can see that the correction starts from the RSI overbought zone.

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