REN REN to 10/10 1H Chart

1H RSI Support Zone Resistance Zone Target Price Comments
32.7 0.0970 Closing above EMA 12 = 1.048 Refer to Detailed report Indecisive action can continue.
(Entering Oversold) 0.0846 1.121

1H Readings:
The Price has been moving in an upward channel and has now tested the bottom of that channel with good volumes and is making Hammer on Hourly Closing. Now taking breaking EMA 12 based resistance will confirm the support and will gear bulls to test 1.12 region once more while breaking that will put the scrip into a breakout which has potential to test 1.47 region once again.

Indicators are in oversold region, signaling that downside is not restricted.

Not Financial Advice, do your own due diligence and Slay your trading days!!!