Possible 15-30% Gains on REP

- Overall REP is looking really strong and the slight BTC dump opened up the door to get REP on sale before it takes off if it can break the $45 resistance. I spend the hours getting free trade set-ups for USD pairs so you don't have too. Don't miss out and Follow! Let's start from the top!

Price Chart
- 4hr chart with 20/50/200MA's to indicate future resistances or supports
- Fib retracement helps to show potential supports
- Stay above the 0.5 retracement line and could continue upward movement and break $45 resistance
- Very strong as REP bounced off the 20MA so right now we can use 20MA as a future support
- Once $45 is broken there is not much in the way towards $54 or more making for a nice 20% gain from there
- If you really wanted to have a low risk trade could wait until the red support line is touched, but it's also possible this may not happen

- Could be forming an inverse H&S that could help propel REP to test ATH or higher if volume is sufficient
- If inverse H&S fail, could have a broadening wedge that opens the door up to higher volatility . Stay above red line to stay bullish
- Current value of 54.73 is not oversold or overbought so there's room for higher price action

- Current value is currently high but during the last ATH the value started high and maintained high position as price was increasing. Could be seeing the same formation occurring

- Text explains chart

Extra Info
- Learn about Augur(REP) here:

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Would also like to know your thoughts! Remember this is not financial advice, however, it is an overview of what I am seeing in this coin's price action.

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