RMRK by Acqua Cannabis

OTC:RMRK   Rimrock Gold Corp
I have been following the movement since early. The open was 0.0010 and for the moment we saw it reach 0.0011 and plummet to 0.0009. The support remains at 0.0009 and apparently does not allow it to go down too much. If we look at the Alligaror of Williams we can see it tangled, showing indecision, but the hourly Stockastic in the middle of the oversold zone, announcing that a climb is imminent. We searched for and found a strong volume of sales and we came to the conclusion that this is what influenced the price did not continue to rise, but instead remained, almost motionless all day in 0.0009. Let's hope it is a transitory movement, because I just read the statement made recently by Jordan Starkman, President of RimRock, announcing that Acqua Cannabis, subsidiary of ( RMRK ), established a very important Joint Venture agreement, with One Step Vending Corp (KOSH) . I hope tomorrow we will have more elements to analyze, although I keep with the criterion that the price of Penny Stocks of RMRK , will grow steadily.