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OTC:RSHN   RushNet, Inc
mac d is rising nicely

entire analysis is charted please read chart

The Barchart Technical Opinion rating is a 24% Buy with a Weakest short term outlook on maintaining the current direction.

be careful trading against trends

im bullish long on this play for the road map and company fundamentals as well as partners

Over the last 6 months, RushNet, Inc. has made a major transformational advance. Its controlling interest was purchased by Mr. Ashley Sweat. Since then, RushNet acquired heliosDX, a fast-growing diagnostics laboratory, which is trending $6,000,000 in annual revenue for 2021. Most recently, Grandeza Healthcare was also acquired by RushNet, which is trending over $1,600,000 in annual revenue.

Mr. Sweat says, "the last 6 months have been extremely arduous for the company, me personally, and shareholders alike, but extremely rewarding. From the start, the goal has been and continues to be, to bring as much value to RushNet as possible. In doing so, we introduced plans which were repeatedly modified to conform to the ever-changing dynamics of this unique set of business opportunities. The roadmap below, clearly defines the next 15 months, and the intentions of the Company. We will move forward methodically and decisively, as we execute our roadmap for the benefit of the shareholders, as we encounter opportunities." Note that the multiplicity of fundraising initiatives are designed to conform with enhanced revenues and enhance market capitalization to thus lessen the advent of any attendant dilution, albeit anti-dilutive in nature.

Road to Nasdaq

October 2021

Reg A submission for up to $20,000,000 in funding
Consolidated financials for RushNet to be filed, to include heliosDX and Grandeza. Expects to be able to announce record setting Q3 financials for heliosDX and Grandeza
Major Nasdaq advertising and branding announcement
Execution of purchase agreement for new laboratory acquisition
Update heliosDX.com to include a digital roadmap for investors
Rushnetinc.com will be forwarded heliosdx.com
Conduct interview with New to the Streets at Nasdaq in New York to be broadcasted on various national media stations, to include Fox Business, Newsmax, MSNBC, CNBC
November 2021

heliosDX intends to introduce new healthcare technology, and will roadmap implementation and impact
Grandeza Healthcare intends to introduce a new privately held business in the mental health sector, owning 80% interest.
RushNet is working with external websites, and data clearinghouses to update company data across the internet to communicate one effective consistent message.
December 2021

Expects SEC approval and close of the Reg A
Intends to receive $8,250,000 in round 1 of the proposed three rounds of funding.
January 2022

Seek to close the acquisition to bring heliosDX to $15,000,000 to $20,000,000 in annual revenue.
Intends to receive $6,000,000 in round 2 funding.
February 2022

Complete integration of a new lab acquisition into heliosDX, including the initiation of artificial intelligence.
Grandeza to launch new healthcare employment division anchored by an acquisition.
Will release record annual 2021 financial results.
Phase 1 roll out of new healthcare technology mentioned in November 2021.
To receive remaining funding of the Reg A in round 3.
March 2022

Intends to begin development and validation of Next Gene Sequencing ( NGS ) testing.
April 2022

Will release first quarter 2022 results.
heliosDX intends to release information regarding second acquisition.
May 2022

Commence Phase 2 of new healthcare technology roll out.
Intends to have executed Purchase Agreement for acquisition number 2.
Completion of audited financials, to include, RushNet, Inc, heliosDX, and Grandeza.
June - August 2022

To announce split-off of heliosDX from RushNet, Inc.
Ex-dividend date.
Split-Off dividend.
Conversion Ratio (RushNet to heliosDX) should shareholder wish to participate.
RushNet to continue its TSVX/Toronto Stock Venture Exchange application
July 2022

Release second quarter financials.
To close on acquisition number 2 for heliosDX.
August 2022

Registered split-off/dividend.
Final phase of new healthcare technology.
September 2022

Release second quarter financials.
Upon completion of split-off, current CEO Ashley Sweat, to step down and name new CEO of RushNet, Inc. (Mr. Sweat will remain as Chairman of the Board).
Mr. Sweat will remain as CEO of now Split-Off heliosDX, which expects to be trading under its own ticker symbol.
heliosDX commences its NASDAQ up-list initiative.
October 2022 - December 2022

heliosDX commences the application and submission for NASDAQ up-list initiative.
About HeliosDx:

heliosDX is a National Clinical Reference Laboratory offering High-Complexity Urine Drug Testing (UDT), Behavioral Drug Testing, Allergy Droplet Cards, Oral Fluids, Infectious Disease ( PCR ), and NGS Genetic Testing. We are contracted in 44 of the lower 48 states and looking to expand our reach and capabilities. We intend to always stay ahead of the curve by continually investing in our infrastructure with the most efficient scientific proven instruments and latest cutting-edge software for patient and physician satisfaction. In management's opinion, following such best practices are intended to allow heliosDX to provide physicians fast and accurate reporting, meeting, and exceeding industry benchmarks. It is our goal to excel in patient and client care through physician designed panels that aid in testing compliance and reporting education

Comment: please keep in mind im long in this

the reg a share offering may cause price too drop further