SAP - We are only getting started!

Dear subscribers and visitors, welcome back to another insight on SAP. XETR:SAP

After a long break, we will take a look at the SAP share and our past purchases. Those who have followed my advice and analysis can enjoy a cumulative profit of 53.08% so far.

The past reports can be viewed by everyone. In these reports I predicted the current share price and advised to buy SAP.

In recent months, we have completed several 1-2 waves, which are very positive for the future of SAP.
In the following months and years we can further expect higher prices. Soon the all-time high will be within our reach and every investor should keep the purchased shares.

However a slight chance remains that the "orange" wave 2 isn't completed yet and we could fall back to prices reaching 115$-110$.
Nevertheless, no panic or fear should arise, because this would represent only a small correction

Keep in mind that this are buy and hold position - unleveraged and without a stop-loss.

Long 2#
Entry: 101.74
Profit target: 150 and more !
Stop-Loss: None - Buy and hold

Long 1#
Entry: 97.23
Profit target: 150 and more !
Stop-Loss: None - Buy and hold

If you should have any questions or want to get signals before i publish them on tradingview, feel free to contact me.