$SE Bull flag breakout and re-test.

NYSE:SE   Sea Limited
  • Sea Limited (NYSE: SE) is a Singapore based tech company that reported a very strong Q1 with its revenue surging 147% year-over-year.

  • Bullish Investors should look into going long on $SE on a break above $261.82 as the stock continues to consolidate between this golden pocket. Targets are 278, 299 and 326.

  • Technicals: $SE has broken out and retested this bull flag .The MacD on the Daily timeframe continues to be bullish and RSI in a healthy state. Notice the accumulation of strong volume on green days versus the low volume on red days these last 5 trading sessions.

-Daniel Betancourt, OptionsSwing Analyst
Comment: Target #1 has been met, expect some inside candles (consolidation) before heading higher. Once ATH is broken, price discovery will take place and the possibility of large expansions to the upside from daily candle to candle are expected.

296 can trade quite fast on this volatile name.