My Shiba Inu trading & investment plan

Hello everyone,

today I want to show you my trading & investment plan on Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu is in everyones mouth right now. We all know that Shiba Inu is considered as a shitcoin.
However Shiba Inu looks amazing from a technical view.

What I noticed is, that we have finished our first Elliot Wave Cycle. We saw 5 textbook impulsive waves which are lead by a corrective wave A, now.
I'm expecting an impact of wave A on the 38%-50% Fib of the overall bullish impulse. To get an idea of where the journey might go, I have marked you possible buy & sell entries on the chart. What I want to see is a reaction on the Fibs I have been marking, just to be sure about the technical reactions of the Shiba Token.

My ultimate buy & hold point is on the bottom of wave C.

This is no trading and investment advice. Jus my personal and technical view.
Comment: Shiba hit my target and its finally time to buy! I'm im.

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