The bull market is likely to return for SHIBAUSDT

Someone calls $SHIBA the new $DOGE, but so far these are just words. Recently, there was information on Twitter that Flare Finance will support $SHIBA.

If you look at $SHIBA through the Elliott Wave Principle, then the probability of the upcoming growth looms. Having set a maximum on May 10, 2021, $SHIBA began the correction phase. This is a sharp correction and it can take the form of a zigzag , double zigzag , or triple zigzag . Counting the waves shows that we have a double zigzag , which probably develops a wave (c) of of 2. From the Fibonacci ratio between the wave and the wave , I calculated the approximate end point of the wave equal to $0.00000584.

If the sideways movement continues, it is possible that the wave (b) of may not be completed yet. The fact that the wave (b)of is a triangle suggests that the subsequent wave of decline will be the last.

My short-term forecast is a decline to $0.00000584, but the long-term forecast is a rise above $0.00003500.