Stiil Still

in my first and second post I wrote:
1) you see a trend change (marked in yellow)
2) if we assume that the trend line began from the moment of the pump and draw it to the moment where the trend changes, then we can again assume that the global trend line is broken down (at least it is being tested at the moment , it's still not final).
3) we also see divergence, which strengthens the 2 points described above.

my purely personal assumption is that it will go down to at least 0.000022. approximately 0.5 Fibonacci.

there are several ways to draw a triangle, and in some versions there has not yet been a triangle breakout at all. but if we cut the triangle in this way in the assumption that this is true, then it has passed the trend line down and exited the triangle. and at the moment he retested and did not return back to the triangle. I am still thinking that he will go down (but who knows).

second addition:
as we can see, the candles have retested the trend line , plus this trend line dropped out at 0.236 Fibonacci, strengthening this moment. plus the waves of the eliot are susceptible to dropping if draw it in this way.