Shib August 2023 prediction update, Alien🛸Edition.


Hola Shib fans I'm here to give you another rendition of my crazy wild predictions.

Preying I don't break the internet with this update.

Well there is good news and a little somewhat bad news, as we near closing on the day chart as of 8/14/2023.

Shib took a major lost and is at a potential to lose more without support in the coming weeks till August 21.

Note: It is salvageable but hard to do.

Shib still has a capping issue, it's a likelihood that it will fall to the 0.00000950's if support is not available by 8/16/2023, but hopefully that won't be the case, in fact I am counting on it to fall to give it more breathing room to make another big run to the 0.00001500 or more by Aug 21st due to Shibarium gaining support, but shib needs to be at the 0.00001200 by 8/16.

For now It'll need to rise and it may not go no higher which will allow the day chart to lower down well enough to make an additional capping space for shib to move up once more to the 0.00001400 locking shib in at that range and allow it to move higher.

There has been two mistakes made in the day chart back in Jan 2023 of this year.

Shib moved too high too fast an it forced itself to reach the market high day wall - these are based on the limited support or the amount purchased by rallies and whaling activity, without it - shib as no choice but to relieve itself of that pressure. So everytime shib made it to the peak of the daily chart.

Shib would lose a considerable amount of momentum and shib lose the overall support in rushing to the 0.00001800 range, and with the addition of low support or sell-offs - Shib slowly but surely crash back down to the 600 to 540 range of this year.

So sadly we maybe making the same mistake twice in one year.

Shib can never get above the 2000 mark - because Shib is always hitting an invisible wall forcing the crypto to crash back down to the lower 900 range and stealing a zero, like swimming in a frozen lake and you can't break the ice wall above you to breath.

So in conclusion


I blame 👽Aliens for this, - that's right 👽ALIENS - little green men, who came from crypto space and they wanna keep Shib down, they did it - they took our cows, they took our families, hell they even took our jobs, now they taking away shib success run with a market cap wall, that's where we shib-fans draw the line.

Set your auto-sell date Shib-fans cause this ain't over, not by a long shot!!

All jokes aside we can save this we just have to maintain the up run we have so far.

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