Latest analysis for SNDL

NASDAQ:SNDL   Sundial Growers Inc
If you saw my latest post I talked about short term down trend being broken (now marked on faded blue line) those lines were made last time with a daily candle. This time I worked with the 1 week candles which made me see what I was expecting from SndL (I’m using the Heikin candles to remove noise and get a more accurate long term trend) knowing be broke daily down trend and seeing that we are close to the end of this beautiful triangle makes me believe SNDL is not going to the moon today or tomorrow. But slowly we are going the right direction. Green line shows the long term uptrend and asides from Hype!!! We have a company that i believe has lots of potential to grow.


SNDL's pot isn't that good. Actually it's voted to be pretty shiity. How are they going to grow, if there product is not liked?