Past Triple-Digit Winner SPONF Could See Another Huge Move Today

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The hot streak continues!

We've just delivered three double-digit winners in just about one week's time!

And we're not slowing down one bit....

One of our most reliable winners appears to be on the verge of another monster breakout, and deserves your immediate attention.

The Company is SponsorsOne Inc. (SPONF), and it is once again showing signs of another bull run!

SPONF is the leader in the next evolution of digital marketing through influencer marketing, storytelling, and digital-commerce with the SponsorCoin platform and its highly scalable - smart contract-based digital-currency. Combined, this allows brands to build and manage exclusive and highly engaged communities of influencers (from pro to micro-influencers) within the social realm.

Shopify is fully integrated into the SponsorCoin platform and allows the brand community members to automatically apply discounts and SponsorCoins at checkout making the purchase process seamless. Brands can create a branded store front to drive their message to the consumer and maintain their unique look and story.

SPONF trades publicly in three countries, USA (OTC:SPONF), Canada (SPO.CN), and Germany (5SO.F).

SPONF Has A History Of Monster Gains

This has been one of our biggest and most reliable winners this year.

The last six times we brought it to your attention it ran up for gains of +50%, +42.50%, +50%, +63%, +133%, and +92.76%

The Next Triple-Digit Move Could Be On The Way

The Company has several bullish catalysts on the horizon:

Started the process to qualify for OTCQB venture market, including updated compliant website

Recently entered a rapidly growing wellness and beauty market that is set to reach $23.7 billion by 2022!

Announced plans launch a direct to consumer line up of organic Hemp pre-rolled cigarettes.

Made a strategic move that could rapidly increase revenue in the future.

It's no surprise why we believe that this could be our next alert to double in price.

That being said, we ask that you add it to the top of your watchlist now, and be ready to trade at 9:30AM EST.

About SponsorsOne Inc.

SponsorsOne is the leader in the next evolution of digital marketing through influencer marketing, storytelling, and digital-commerce with the SponsorCoin platform and its highly scalable – smart contract-based digital-currency. Combined, this allows brands to build and manage exclusive and highly engaged communities of influencers (from pro to micro-influencers) within the social realm. The SponsorCoin platform provides for data-driven marketing campaigns that will change the way brands connect with their customers. SponsorCoin is a tool for brands to inspire real movements around their products and services in which their most valuable customers become their best salespeople, producing far higher ROI than current social media advertising methods. SponsorsOne, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, SponsorsOne Media Inc., provides full creative and Brand building/management services to all our Brands as well as manages the influencer communities for each Brand. If the Brand wants to get big – fast, our wholly-owned subsidiary S1 Brands Inc., will build a wholesale/retail distribution channel for the Brand acting as a master distributor. S1 Brands provides sales and marketing on behalf of the Brand to its vast network of national wholesalers and retailers and provides purchase order financing to assist the Brand in fulfilling every order. Ownership of the Brand combined with distribution, digital marketing innovation, and capital is the winning formula to build the next billion-dollar brand.

To learn more, please visit www.sponsorsone.com

Benefits Of Uplisting

Up-listing to the OTCQB should be good for price, liquidity, and potential appreciation of SPONF.

By moving up to stronger and more recognizable exchanges, the stock will broaden its available shareholder base, some firms, and funds, as some institutions do not invest in stocks listed on the lower tier exchanges.

The OTCQB® Venture Market is for early-stage and developing U.S. and international companies. To be eligible, some of the requirements are that companies must be current in their reporting and undergo an annual verification and management certification process. Companies must meet a $0.01 bid test and may not be in bankruptcy. A list of the requirements can be found at www.otcmarkets.com/c...es/get-started/otcqb

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, said: "We have begun taking steps to meet all the qualifications to up list to the OTCQB Venture Markets, including revamping our company website to make it compliant and more investor friendly. We will also add more information about not just the company, but detailed marketing information on our products and services. This move to a better trading platform should help the company realize increased market value for its existing and future shareholders."
"I would also like to comment on the recent high levels of market activities over the past two weeks. While we cannot be 100% sure, we believe that those high levels of trading were shorts covering their positions, which if accurate, is a good sign for the company in the near future."

SPONF Looks To Rapidly Increase Revenue

SponsorsOne Adds Entire Staff of Renowned Digital Marketing Agency, Vapor Studio, To Become Its In-House Branding Team

Agency's Founder Mr. Ricardo Camarga Appointed Company's Chief Branding Officer

Last month, the Company announced that it has added the entire staff of Vapor Studio to its newly created Branding Division, to be headed by Vapor's founder, Mr. Ricardo Camargo, who will become the company's, Chief Branding Officer.

Vapor is a boutique brand design and digital marketing agency that is focused on unique perspectives on product design and branding which utilizes a specialized design process that strategically adds new value to voids in the marketplace, to create a proprietary new branded line of products for the company's line of proprietary existing and new products. Vapor's clients included adidas, Nike, Boardriders, Skullcandy, Oakley, Fossil, Medterra, W Hotels, TaylorMade, Timberland, Pepsi, and Boost Mobile.

Mr. Camargo said: "My entire staff and I are a perfect fit with SponsorsOne. They create their own proprietary products utilizing their technology and we will bring those products to market. While at Vapor we developed a unique hybrid agency structure. In our California studio, strategy teams worked directly with visualization teams to create an atmosphere of holistic thinking. Our unique culture gave us the ability to deliver seamless, fully integrated brand experiences that inspire consumers to think, feel, and engage more deeply. We created holistic brand solutions for companies that want to influence the world in exceptional ways." He continued: "We have the resources and skillset to build brands from inception or reinvent legacy brands. Our work takes us from early consumer insights and strategy to brand building to communication development, product line architecture through all go-to-market tactical execution."

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, added: "We have always had the ability to create new proprietary products, and now, with this addition, the company has the in-house resources to fully develop these products into world-class brands… which we believe will drive increased revenues for our shareholders at a quicker pace."

3 Major Product Launches Usher In A Tremendous Growth Period For SPONF

SponsorsOne Introduces Oral Dissolving CBG Tablet

Company Adds Another CBG Product To Its GO Nutraceutical Branded Line Of "Cannabis 2.0" Products

SponsorsOne Introduces a Proprietary Immune Boosting Beverage

SPONF becomes one of the first companies to deliver immune system boosting beverages with water-soluble micronutrient ingredients in a single molecular structure to the U.S. The drinks support the immune system, help with focused energy, post-exercise recovery and drug-free relaxation and sleep.

SponsorsOne Introduces a 20mg CBG Chewable Tablet

Announced the launch of a cherry-flavored and mint-flavored, chewable CBG 20mg dose in tablet form, produced by GO Nutraceuticals.

"This is an exciting new product that will build offered direct to consumer and through wholesale-retail distribution in the USA," states Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne. "CBG's unique property has enormous therapeutic promise, making it a subject of great interest for researchers and consumers alike".

SPONF Enters Potential $23.7 Billion Dollar Market

SPONF And Volunteer Botanicals Enter Into Collaboration To Develop Proprietary Brand Of Beauty And Wellness CBG Products

Industry Reports Project Wellness And Beauty Market To Reach $23.7 Billion By 2023*

Two weeks ago, SPONF announced that It has entered into collaboration with Volunteer Botanicals, LLC, a Tennessee-based company focused on delivering fully customized, botanical-based products for product creators and medical practitioners, to create a proprietary new branded line of products for the company.

Volunteer is also the source for the two recently introduced products, namely a line of flavored, chewable tablets delivering a 20mg dose of CBG and a CBG sublingual dissolving tablet that delivers 10mg in a very small 6mm size. These products are marketed under the marketing management agreement with GO Nutraceutical's branded line of "Cannabis 2.0" products.

This new line is the company's entrance into beauty markets - "Where Wellness meets Beauty". SPO will create a new proprietary brand under a wholly-owned subsidiary to market the as of yet unnamed brand, utilizing the formulations delivered by Volunteer.

The company has charged Charles Harbison to oversee this subsidiary. He is a full-time employee of the company and is its Executive in charge of Brand Management. He previously launched his own luxury brand HARBISON, which, since its launch, garnered the attention of the fashion world including iconic public figures, celebrity stylists, power influencers, and editors. He dressed luminaries like Beyonce and Michelle Obama in his designs. Both his collection and his creative talent have been featured across major fashion media outlets including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, WWD, Refinery 29, and Elle. Harbison has also consulted for a range of top brands including Emanuel Ungaro, Michael Kors, Cult Gaia, and Nicholas the Label.

Mr. Harbison said: "Through my long-standing career in building fashion brands both domestically and internationally, I have found customers today are most excited about the infusion of health, wellness, and eco-responsibility into the beauty and fashion sectors. We will build a beauty product assortment that reflects this current sentiment, aligning the health intentions of today's customer with the naturally derived healing nature of CBG and the culturally relevant, globally inclusive branding of today."

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, added: "The beauty and wellness markets require a different marketing technique than the CBD markets. We needed someone with an impeccable track record and the specific experience in the beauty and fashion markets to take the lead on our new brand. We were extremely lucky to have Charles overseeing this foray into the beauty and wellness markets. Consumer acceptance of the infusion markets is growing rapidly we are moving expeditiously to build a really great brand during this window of opportunity. We want to be standing there owning a really terrific brand that will generate revenues for the company in this rapidly expanding market and create a very successful brand that could become a target for acquisition, further enhancing our shareholder's ROI."

Market Outlook

The recent release of the AdAge Marketing Fact Pack 2020 revealed “the internet in 2020 will account for more than half of both U.S. and worldwide ad spending.”

Digital Advertising Will Account For 53% Of Total Ad Spend

A growth of 6.5% in overall U.S. ad spend is anticipated in 2020 with a 12.4% jump in digital advertising to $135 billion, making up more than 53% of total ad spend. Worldwide, digital advertising will likely hit $336 billion, more than half of the predicted $656 billion globally across all media. Overall ad spend growth in 2020 could be twice as fast as in 2019,

Industry Reports Project Wellness And Beauty Market To Reach $23.7 Billion By 2023

The US Beverage market has shifted towards health and wellness which now represent 41% of the total beverage volume and over 50% of the market value.

The US Beverage industry, excluding alcoholic beverages, consumed over 60 billion gallons of drinks in 2018 generating $188 billion in wholesale revenue. The shifting beverage landscape continues the long-term trend away from sugary and traditional hot beverages towards a healthier beverage choice states BMC Strategic Associates, October 2019.

In a study published by the journal Addiction, researchers learned that CBD can help tobacco smokers quit by altering their brains' attentional biases to cigarette cues. Simply put, when a tobacco smoker has a craving, they do not associate the same positive feelings and satiety with tobacco as they typically would when they're under the effects of CBD1 .

Over 5.6 trillion tobacco cigarettes were produced globally in 2019 and were smoked by over 1.1 billion people. Of the 1.1 billion people smoking, 845 million smoked multiple times per day2. The total global revenue for tobacco cigarettes is forecasted in 2020 to exceed $711 billion with an expected annual growth rate of 2.8% until 20233. Hemp cigarettes will compete in this overall market.

Technical Analysis

As we mentioned above, the float on SPONF is razor thin.

We did the quick math, and there is only around $736,384K worth of shares available to the public for trading.

Based on our own technical analysis, we see the potential for another big move from here.

Bullish Indicators

Stock has formed a bullish bottom and continues to trend higher.
RSI remains bullish having bounced off the mid-point.
Stochastic is in reversal and completed a crossover today.
Volume remains to be dominated by the buy side.
As seen from its past performance, these low-float alerts are extremely volatile, and are no strangers to triple-digit same-day moves!

The Bottom Line

As mentioned above, SPONF has been a consistent winner for us.

It appears grossly undervalued and oversold at these levels.

Those on the hunt for big gains should add SPONF to the top of their watchlist immediately.By Viewing this Content, you Agree that you Have Read and are in Full Understanding of both our Disclaimer & Privacy Policy(*Remember to use a Stop-Loss Order to protect your gains, as well as limit possible losses.)


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