Measured Move? Or More?

TVC:SPX   S&P 500 Index
Short the rallies! Every rally is nothing but liquidity grab. You gotta be nuts to go long here, because:

FOMC > more rate hikes 'may be needed' = 'are coming'

Banking crisis. Worse than they let on.

Yield curve inverted. Always preceeds major selloff.

Recession is coming. For all the above. We in 70's economy, stupid!

The Big Dump w/capitulation always comes near the Fed pivot. Next meeting may be the pivot.

Every Bear has finished with VIX >40. This will be no different. Buy when VIX pops and stonk drops.

Could get a measured move, could get a massive dump, I can't see the future, always guessing; GLTA!
Gosh a green engulfing candle... most unexpected, surely another trap.
Didn't take shorts was waiting for an entry maybe better just watch it eh?
Trade active:
Opening Bear Shares in SPXS, SDOW, UVXY. Buy April calls on SQQQ, SPXS, open QQQ 31 March 212p
Read John Murphy TEch Analyssi Fin Mkts see Fig 4-10a; textbook retracement after TL breakdown
Trade active:
Yeah banked puts in open and did the cawl crawl. An all-day grind through miserable chop to close the gap.

Most likely to gap down again and run lower next time.
No position; damned daily PA has been utterly unpredictable.
Every play a crapshoot but the PA is bearish and forms breakdown pattern.
Trade active:
Shorted EOD. Let's see.
Banked shorts. Indecision day. NQ weak. Flight to quality in DJI followed by more weakness. Distribution phase.
Trade closed: stop reached:
Well my goodness. Fortunately did not get caught short. All the moves are gaps!

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