Snp500 election rally

TVC:SPX   S&P 500 Index
On average, most stocks in the US market and stocks that i previously mentioned in my portfolio are up by approximately 10% in just 1 week.

Markets were already surging last week as it became apparent the former vice-president was on course for victory and that Republicans would likely hold the Senate, allowing them to rein in any big regulatory or tax policies.

Stocks, oil and high-yielding currencies rallied on Monday after Joe Biden was declared winner of the US election at the weekend, lifting a major source of uncertainty, while traders are hoping lawmakers will now focus on passing a new stimulus for the world's biggest economy. "Stimulus deal" headlines could once again swing the market rally. Although earnings for many companies might still be heavy for the next few weeks. Traders need to pay attention to news on also the covid cases and also potential vaccine news as these could also impact the market.