TVC:SPX   S&P 500 Index
Every correction since 2015 has zig-zagged. Going again? IDK, but eerily close to dates, peaked on 12, sold to 28 Oct 2020.

This one is running a week behind, looks like we peaked 10/21; to confirm on Fri 10/22, ERs tanking FB , SNAP, INTC techs overnight;
if double top is in, might expect weakness until ~5 Nov, if the zigzag pattern repeats. Bull trap?!

Not saying that it will, just something to think real hard about before you go plunging long IMO... at insanely overbought RSI ; GLTA!

This is not only not advice, there is no position indicated and no strategy (not short, definitely not long!); just pure tutorial, enjoy!

PS the overlay is Sep/Oct 2020, amazing how it fits, even the little retracements on 21-24 Sep and 11-13 Oct are precisely timed...!