FX:SPX500   S&P 500 index of US listed shares
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Not much change since my last post, except Heikin Ashi signals.

- Price is attacking lower bound of rising wedge again.
- Weekly Heikin Ashi candle turns bearish (still need to see today close) and haDelt/SMA3 further down, possibly dips below zero
- daily Heikin Ashi signal has been trying to turn bearish since 2125+ top print, with some hesitation in haDelta. This hesitation may end finally today, as haDelta/SMA3 may drop further below zero line. HA Oscillator has been bearish too.

In last few days the bearish bias was quite obvious, but the Price action was very annoying. It looked like some "interests" tried to keep price high for as long as possible. We don't know what is behind these buyings in this tight range, but price could not move higher... so I can also assume that we see a phase of smart dumping on late and leveraged retail buyers, and companies who still do their share buybacks.

We are very close to a breakdown point, and this mkt fell asleep! I mean there has been complete lack of volatility , which can suddenly change so much, that a 20 points move will look like a bid/offer spread. If we SP500             goes through 2080-2090, we can see a quick and agressive drop to 1980-2000. Still, that would be only -5 % move!

Two more things to note:
- Breath indicators like shares at 52 weeks high, or Advance/Decline ratio , Shares above 50 days MA or above 200 day MA, etc. all show there is serious problem within the complex.
- Leverage on margin accounts is at an extreme all time high! Net cash positions at all time low.

This time we have to ask the perma Bulls, not the Bears: "Are you ready for what possibly can happen here? Do you really think there is so much upside left of holding long equity positions from current levels, after one of the longest bull mkts in history?"

p.s.: My position is built already. I am Short on SP500             and NAS100             . If I smell any blood on the floor, I will do more.
I see drop to step by step down We will have a corrections ,,, if we break 2080 we will go back to 1925 in the sp ,,,
let see the next weeks
Must show my support for Kumowizard's public service here!
Could not close below the Kumo, popped up again. Heikin Ashi signalled a possible reversal yesterday. I closed 2/3 of my shorts at avg 2083,5.
Now back to wait and see. We can not exclude more bullish action, especially if Greece will be saved.
wait and see the july if corrections will start maybe little up little bit tell fed will speak next week back to 2135 or 2150 ,, ?? let see next week if realy something will go on no because the fed want to keep it float ,
where do you think we go from here? new year?