Must have hedge in every portfolio SPXS

AMEX:SPXS   Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bear 3X
I cannot stress the importance of having this must have inverse ETF in your portfolio during these uncertain times. I have lost faith in believing anything I see or hear after living through 2020. I do not trust the news, data, markets, govt , etc. after going through the biggest fuck fest of my lifetime.

This year I learned everything there was to learn about my personality through trading. Trading exposes all of your weaknesses and strengths. It also exposes all of your bullshit and allows you to learn to change your very strong beliefs that market doesn't give a fuck about. Charts also expose all of the bullshit about markets. Divergence ( bearish or bullish ) is usually a bullshit-expose-barometer for me personally.

This chart is probably the biggest mindfuck I had pleasure looking at this past months. If I saw this MAGA bullish divergence on any other stock, I would be buying this stock with all of my ammo and I'd throw a kitchen sink at it. However, with Jerry at the driving wheel - I have no idea what this will do next but I wish Jerry and the gang a Happy New Year and I hope that demogorgon doesnt get his ass and doesnt drag him into the upside down cause Jim Hopper aint coming for his ass.

All I am trying to say - keep this one on your radar.

For those not familiar with this ETF , copy pasting it from Google: "SPXS is an extremely aggressive bet against the S&P 500 , promising to provide -300% of the index's return for a one-day period. The fund, like most geared inverse products, is designed to deliver its 3x inverse exposure to the S&P 500—a cap-weighted basket of 500 of the largest firms in the U.S.—for one trading day."

Happy New Year Fellas!

PS: always do your own research, dont listen to pajama pants traders online.