EXPIRATIONS provide support and resistance to price movement. Why? Because where a stock expires is the balance point between the buyers and the sellers for the expiration cycle. It is where the most "opinions" about market direction have been expressed and therefore it creates a natural, "market memory" level where the market level is familiar to the most market players-investors-traders.

Keep in mind that Tradingview charts adjust historical prices to reflect dividend payments, therefore my lines get changed every time a dividend gets paid. Over the long run this is helpful so you can see total (untaxed) return on a chart of any stock, ETF , and compare them. However, it does alter the actual prices that the stock traded on that day.

Lastly, the CIRCLES are the closing price with an average range around it to help the expiration price "stand out" to your eye. The horizontal RED LINE is the close, but it might need adjustment based on dividends that have or that will be paid.


Questions or comments? Please ask or tell.

Tim 11:05AM EST November 20, 2012
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Thanks for the chart
timwest Trader78
You are welcome.
Where was that 2013 prediction? I'd like to see where you have the S&P during the March debt ceiling deadlines
I just posted similar. Good to see this as well, I am waiting for a small pull back from the recent daily highs then hopefully a ride into next year on the weekly, just need a stop to break even and off we go :-)

Hi Tim. New to this site saying hi. Figured your work fits my method too, pure levels and price reaction trades with minimum indicators. I tried to look at my chart and we have most S/R at the same level too but i dont use options. Could you explain a bit more? greens are the date for expirations? and then simply they will become a lvl would they?
timwest EdricGuo
Hi EdricGuo. If you look at all of the related charts to this one, you will see that the expiration price is a key level of S/R. That is all. If you get a cluster of them near a price then all the better. Options are critical to me as they do give you an idea about where activity will slow down because people are hedged at that level, assuming enough open interest to indicate a hedge is in place. If you decline into a high put open interest level, then you will likely be able to buy against that decline. If you rally back into a high call open interest level, then you will likely be able to sell short against that level.

As for previous expiration prices highlighted on this chart, I believe past expiration prices are important "market memory" levels. Major players are familiar with certain price levels and are ready to act at those levels. I would like to fade out the colors of the OLDER lines and keep the newer expiration levels in more BOLD colors. That would help too.

Welcome to TradingView and I hope you post a few charts and I'll check them out. I have been on here since about Sep'11 and I love it. The charts, saving ideas, posting thoughts, commenting on others' charts, voting "agree" "disagree" is valuable.
EdricGuo timwest
thanks for your reply tim. For sure I will post some of my charts i found this website very interesting too just the idea that you can meet and share your ideas with ppl like you. Trading is a passion and something i can just do. I am currently just trying to keep a record of my trades as a proof that i might need later and learn more from experiential traders like yourself. Anyway, looking forward for future discussions. Have fun trading
Thank you for the new idea Tim!
timwest admin