HOW-TO Determine If It Is Time To Buy Or Sell With AutoClimate

HOW-TO Determine If It Is Time To Be A Buyer Or A Seller

What does this invite-only script do?

This app aims to assist when identifying which one is the right side of the market in which to trade: long, or short, or simply doing nothing and avoiding trading.
The above concept is the reason for the name of this indicator: “Climate”, as this word defines the current market environment and therefore helps when planning a new trade to be executed.
The desired trade duration (position, swing or intraday trades) would depend on the time interval (time-frame) selected when applying the indicator. A common practice in the industry consists of assessing the current market environment (climate) by using a larger time-frame and plan specific trades using lower time-frames to reduce the dollar-risk of the trade. Ultimately, this type of process and decisions correspond to the user of this app.

How to manually insert this indicator into a TradingView chart?

  • Locate the upper toolbar within the Chart where you plan to insert this indicator, Click on Indicators and Click on Invite-Only Scripts
  • Select “!AutoClimate” by left-clicking on it

Note: Once this app is inserted in a chart it then needs to be calibrated. Please refer to the Section on Calibration to understand how to perform this process.

Which components are displayed?

The example illustrates the various components available when using AutoClimate™ applied to a chart:

Dots: Their colour point at the direction in which a market is likely to move where ruby represents down-markets and sapphire represents up-markets.
Thin dots represent unconfirmed market conditions (climate) and thick dots represent confirmed market conditions (climate).

ATR Spread: The size of the “ATR Spread” vertical line represents the distance from the current price on the chart to an average “ideal” trading price. The distance is measured in multiples of a standard ATR (Average True Range) calculation applied to the current time-frame.
When the line is above the dot it means that the price of that market is at a certain distance away from the “ideal” average price and moving in the expected direction defined by the dot colour (ruby is down, sapphire is up).
When the line is below the dot and becomes grey colour, it means that the market is no longer moving in the expected direction and that the “ideal” average price has been exceeded.

Stats: The app displays 4 digits with relavant information which depends on the amount of data loaded on the chart:

  • Distance (measured as an ATR-multiple) from the current price to an average “ideal” price
  • Statistical duration of up-markets measured in amount of candles
  • Statistical duration of down-markets measured in amount of candles
  • Amount of candles corresponding to the current market condition (up or down)

Assessing the Settings Menu and Calibrating the app?

Calibration is a key process in defining how the analysis is carried out and will impact the potential results obtained by the user using this app. The calibration input is down to the user’s personal judgement and is at their own risk.
Calibrating the app is done by changing the user inputs.

Access the input dialog box by following the below steps:
  • Locate the AutoClimate™ indicator title on the bottom left part of your chart
  • Click on the Settings wheel
  • Notice the default calibration settings are set to 9, 14, 14. Feel free to change to any value of your choice.
  • click "OK"

Below is a description of the various input fields:

  • EMALength: Can be any value, and refers to the amount of bars used to calculate an Exponential Moving Average (EMA) that is used by the app in order to assess the Market Climate
  • DMILength: Can be any value, and refers to the amount of bars used to calculate the Directional Movement Values (DMI) that are used by the app in order to assess the Market Climate
  • ATRLength: Can be any value, and refers to the amount of bars used to calculate the Average True Range (ATR) Value that is used by the app in order to measure how far the current price is from the “ideal” average trading price

Legal Considerations

When using this App you understand and acknowledge that the risk of trading can be substantial and that each investor and/or trader must personally consider whether this is a suitable investment. Past performance, whether actual, or indicated by simulated historical tests of indicators, is not indicative and in no way a guarantee of future results. Your actual trading may result in profits or losses as no trading system is, or can be, guaranteed.
By using this app, you accept full responsibility for your actions, the trades taken and any profits and losses made. You also agree not to hold the developer of this app responsible for any outcome arising out of your use of this app.

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