SSL a quarterly gainer, rising +107.99%. Expect Uptrend reversal

NYSE:SSL   Sasol Ltd
Sasol Ltd - ADR ( SSL , $8.07) was one of top quarterly gainers, jumping +107.99% to $8.07 per share. Tickeron A.I.dvisor analyzed 53 stocks in the Chemicals: Specialty Industry over the last three months, and discovered that 47 of them (88.1%) charted an Uptrend while 6 of them (11.9%) trended down. Tickeron A.I.dvisor found 83 similar cases when SSL's price went up 15% within three months. In 68 out of those 83 cases, SSL's price went down during the following month. Based on these historical data, Tickeron A.I. thinks the odds of an Uptrend reversal for SSL are 82%.

SSL in Downtrend: RSI indicator exits overbought zone
SSL's price could be shifting from an uptrend to a downtrend. Traders may consider selling the ticker or exploring put options.Tickeron AI shows that
in 22 of 30 cases where SSL's RSI Indicator exited the overbought zone, the price fell further within the following month. The odds of a continued Downtrend are 73%.