Quick rundown of setting up a gann box .

Steps below also;

1. Pick a TF (Minimum 1HR ) Example here on 4HR

2. Lock price to bar ratio

3. Find key pivot high or low

4. Turn on magnet, and select the 'Gann Square' tool

5. draw the square from your pivot point , until you go beyond the current price AND hit one of these key fixed time intervals (see number at the bottom right corner of the Gann Square to see your interval)
- 45, 90, 180, 360, 720 etc
- (in short, doubling from 45, then doubling the interval every time)

6. Next step is getting the ratio correct on your Gann Square . In the Gann Square settings, there is the option to change the ratio ('Price/Bar ratio').

a. Here are the ratios you must use (in order of importance);
- 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40 , and, as a last resort, 2.5.

b. Ideally, you want the ratio to be as low as possible. However, with Bitcoin , price is so high and volatile that we need to look at bigger ratios. In this example I've used an interval of 1,440, and ratio of 40 to get my template set up.

c. There will then be coins that a ratio of 1 will be cause your Gann square template to be way too big, these will be on low value coins. I have checked, and you can divide your key ratio by 10 to achieve a relatively normal sized Gann square (examples will be shared).

So you can take a ratio of 2, and divide by 10 to give you 0.2. If still too big, divide by 10 again to give you 0.02. Just make sure you stick to the key ratio numbers.

7. Finally, select the Gann box tool, and draw from the same pivot point , and drag it to line up with your Gann square corner to corner.

Once your Gann box is set, you can remove the Gann square .

Comment: Edit to step 6, point b - In the example video, I used an interval of 180, and a ratio of 0.02 to set up the template. The interval and ratio mentioned above was for bitcoin!

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