STRAT/BTC High Volume Breakout

After breakout on high volume (positive sign) and failed bullish run I expect downward movement to previous downtrend line (which became support) and 0% fibo level. It should be a good place for going long.
Comment: At 0% fibo. Waiting for bounce or further surge.


Thank you for sharing. Do you see it going below the next support line?
dykow m3d.webdev
@m3d.webdev, Pleasure to me! Since the All Time High on 0.0046 the market is consistently making lower lows and lower highs (bearish), but every trend has his reverses and the 0% fibo is probable point where the bounce may occur. I don't know if it will break the support. You have to keep track of the price movement in that level.
Keep in mind that in my opinion this and crypto market as a whole, except a few top or pump and dump coins is bearish.