POLONIEX:STRUSD   Stellar / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Hello traders and friend,

today trying to figure out Stellar , there is not an easy way to frame it (DAMN).
According to the chart, this projection to the end of the year shows a strong positive trend.
All indicators are in favor of LONGS but with an amazing speculative team.

Watch out for the first breakout (cause Stellar moon fast) then the second and last resistance will be amazing to see where it goes.

Will update ASAP .

MMM (Make Motherf.ckin Money)

This is not an advice, is a very high risk/reward.
Comment: Now check that...
Comment: Now that went well didn´t it! Sooner than expected, time to get out with weekly trading.
Comment: Prepare for blood, for a month perhaps. Holders come back in a month, daytraders get out, you will bleed.
Comment: U feel me now...